SRDK Law Warsaw Advisory

About the firm

The greatest of successes cannot be attained alone, which is why we decided to establish a law firm together to provide legal services of the highest quality. Previously, we represented our clients’ interests in large, renowned law firms and in individual advocates chambers. The experience gained over years in our previous workplaces, at negotiating tables and court rooms has been pooled in our own law firm.  Our firm provides services to corporations and private clients. We have operated in the form of a professional partnership since 2 September 2011.


In practice, litigation, negotiations and mergers are complex and often long-term processes, during which there is no room for error. Every detail must be planned with the utmost precision. This process is like a chess game in which every move must be carefully considered and every attack and defence must precede that of the opponent by at least two moves. This is precisely how we operate. The effective delivery of services to Polish and foreign entities, including in the area of capital investments in Poland. We conduct foreign cases in English and German.